What various ACRONYMS mean (i.e., SSNA, SSFA, etc)

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What various ACRONYMS mean (i.e., SSNA, SSFA, etc)

Postby SweepstakesNinja » Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:15 pm


Some people have been asking about various acrynoms in the software, so decided to make a post.
When you use the software, from time to time you may get a message other than 'success'. This is
what those words mean.

SSNA - Means the "sweepstakes site is not accepting" at the moment. It *could* be because "their"
site is down (it happens), or it could also be because you don't have your information filled out
correctly. So, do this: a) Check your profile. Make sure you have your COMPLETE mailing address,
e-mail address, name, birthdate, etc. b) Check the website -- see if it still up.
If you have done both of these -- and it is 'still' not working -- then don't worry -- try it again in a few
days. We will see that message too, and if it appears -- it will usually be fixed within a few days and
work the next time you start the software.

"Skipped". Some sweepstakes will be 'skipped' if you choose to do that. For example, some people
did not like entering some of the 'hearst magazine' sweepstakes -- because they would send people
a magazine (even if you said you did *not* want one). So by default, these will be skipped. However,
if you'd like to activate them -- go into the "Tools" menu, then "Advanced Settings", then click
on "Include Hearst Magazine Sweepstakes". You'll get them showing up/entered now. It could also
be because you have a "red x" next to them. This will also skip a sweepstakes. If you want to enter
it, click on the red x, and it will become a green arrow. You may also press 'F3' or 'F4', to change
the 'x's, and checkmarks in bulk.

"SFNA" - This means that for some reason a sweepstakes 'failed' an internal check we have. (The
software is designed to do 'double' checks to make sure everything is entered a-ok). If this pops
up, the software will skip this sweepstakes until we get it fixed/have time to investigate it.

"Success!" - Self explanatory. Everything appeared to work a-ok, and passed the internal checks/
verifications we have to make sure the sweepstakes was submitted correctly.

And that's about it!


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