[FIXED!] - Not marking success or not

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[FIXED!] - Not marking success or not

Postby oldsarge07 » Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:37 pm

Some of the sweeps do not have a success marked by them, just blank. Have they been submitter. Leites Culinary is one of the culprits.
Also many of these sweeps can be entered more than once. Since I don't know if the have been entered I don't know whether to enter them
again. This is also true of other sweeps where it is just a one entry

Also, I am confused about the ones where you have to click to get to a different page so you don't have to subscribe to a publication. Womans day
is one, but that one is OK as it doesn't submit it. I think Red Book is another and it does say it has been entered.

I read on one of the post that I should be getting 800 sweeps and I am only getting 333 usually
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Re: Not marking success or not

Postby SweepstakesNinja » Mon Nov 03, 2014 8:12 am

Hi -

I realize this is an old post, but since I didn't reply - just replying now.

1. There was a temporary issue, but those have been fixed.
2. Yes, some can be entered more than once. To prevent you from getting DQ'd (disqualified) - the software only allows once. But if you want to get 'more' entries by hand, you can do that. SteamyKitchen & Leite's tend to allow multiple entries/day.
3. That button is where it allows you to do 'hearst' publications. (They tend to have magazine sweepstakes).
4. 800+ is if you subscribe to 'all' the services (captchas, MILLIONAIRES!, etc). The premium membership has usually between 300-400.


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