Sweepstakes Ninja Update 1.204

Any new announcements regarding changes to the software, sweepstakes in general, and so forth.

Sweepstakes Ninja Update 1.204

Postby SweepstakesNinja » Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:24 am

Realized it's been a while since I posted some updates...

A bunch of new changes since last update...

- More support for various forms/sweepstakes forms (filling in more address/profiles/etc).
- Fixed miscellaneous 'freezes' in the software ('special' case scenarios from various users).
- Updated 'ninja' sweepstakes to work faster, & show more detailed entry processes
- Added better timeout detection code, as well as special processing for additional sweepstakes
- Updated various 'ninja' sweepstakes
- Added a new 'resources' section within the software
- Fixed various small bugs for special address/forms handling
- Added secure/https:// support for some special case sweepstakes


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